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Our Preparation Meeting was held.

T.R. The opening meeting of the Civil Society Support Program 'Capacity Building of NGOs for the Protection of Consumers' Project implemented by the European Union Presidency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was held at the No.19 Hotel within the body of the Union for Consumer Protection and Solidarity.

At the meeting, Prof. Dr. Mahmut Hamil NAZİK talked about the purpose of the project:

He mentioned that a stronger international consumer network will share good practices and develop policy on consumer protection, help solve their problems and contribute to democratic governance in Turkey.

The activity will increase the organizational and institutional capacity of TUKO-BIR through trainings and international networking with project partners.

It will also increase the participation of CSOs in public policy and decision-making to improve democratic life in Turkey through workshops, study visits, monitoring efforts, collaborative meetings, a roadmap and policy recommendations.