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1.1. Consumer rights


 It is necessary to address the need for consumer protection under three main headings.

European Union Directives
Universal Rights of the Consumer
European Union Directives

The European Union has given some directives to the member states on consumer protection.

      General principles that should be addressed first in consumer protection

Consumer information and education
Consumer and business dialogue
Service definition and scope are subjective
Electronic trade
Consumer information and education: It is a fact that all policies will be more effective when consumers act as responsible citizens and individuals. The issue to be emphasized here is consumer information and education. This becomes much more important with the laws and regulations to be developed by the state.
New policies within the framework of globalization: However, the point that needs to be emphasized here is that the rights of the consumer and the basic objectives of consumer policies have changed with the changing conditions. For this reason, changes in society, economy and government policies should be addressed first, and a consumer policy should be developed accordingly. In this context, the globalization seen in the economy should not be ignored.
Business life and consumer contact: It is important that the dialogue between the consumer and the business environment or the self-made regulations are balanced in the regulations brought, so that it does not make any party suffer.
Services: It is one of the issues that should be emphasized on services in the protection of the consumer. Although it is easy to define or present the good, the concept of service is much more complex and not clear and transparent. In this regard, certain advantages should be brought to the consumer.
Distance shopping: Today, the changes that occur as a presenter of being an information society should also be emphasized. At this point, electronic commerce is the first issue to be considered. Flexible policies should be developed for the rapidly changing form and size of trade. Particular attention should be paid to the international market.
In order to improve the situation of the consumer in the market, three main objectives have been determined in the policies developed for the consumer in the member countries of the European Union. In line with these objectives, the issue of consumer protection is also discussed in our country.

Targets addressed in consumer protection

More voices of consumer organizations
     to be more active

Protection of the health and safety of the consumer
It is the protection of the economic interests of the consumer.
Goal 1. More Voice of the Consumer, More Active

    It is envisaged that consumers will be organized and supported in this regard. It is a fact that consumer organizations need some support in order to be more active in society. However, this support should not be in such a way as to undermine their independence.

Goal 2. Protection of Consumer Health and Safety

         In this regard, regulations regarding all kinds of goods and services that endanger the health and safety of the consumer are discussed. In particular, consumers are exposed to harmful foodstuffs (genetically disrupted hormonal foods, etc.), food additives, drugs that adversely affect human health, toxic wastes, radiation, etc. cases are discussed.

Goal 3. Protection of Consumer's Economic Interests

         Financial practices that force or contradict the consumer include various regulations on services. Protecting the economic interests of the consumer in the market requires taking necessary precautions against current and future financial practices.